Poitical Opinion – No Comment

Publicity is correlative to your position in the community. Seldom does the quiet worker, without incident become published in local news or publications. Though his achievements are many and great, he accomplishes great things in his lifetime, his quiet fortitude and persistence are rarely recognized as important or document worthy.

So, what makes a person worthy of comment? Worthy of being heard in a society such as ours? Is it his life? That he has something of grave importance to express? Or that his knowledge is vastly improved over that of the average person?

While it may be fortunate that everyone with a word to express is not heard, and there may actually be some benefit to censored press, it is my honest opinion that those who find it necessary to control the knowledge available to the public are creating a disservice to the general people of our nation.

The people deserve to be heard. Even if their opinion is static, unpopular, or defensive, each person on the face of this planet has a voice and I believe they should be heard.

There have been cases where a person spokeout and was belittled, limited, and censored by the press. I can understand this to an extent, however, in today’s means of trasnporting suond around the world… Why?

Let’s hear it for freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Be published!

Jan Verhoeff almost always has an opinion. Though on rare occasions she may choose not to voice her opinion. Those times are few and far between. But, she actively encourages others to state their opinions too.


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